"I can recommend MCT, especially because of their transparency. Beside their local knowledge of field, they were as part of our team and share al information with us on a very transparent way. Respect of deadline was good. Our experience in MENA was at the end very positive"
Clinical Team Leader,
Global Pharmaceutical Company
"We really appreciate local expertise of MCT in Tunisia for our project. MCT team was proactive and did anticipate difficulties. They were always demonstrate positive approach by proposition solution to issues. They success to get approval quite quickly and follow very carefully sites"
Head of Regulatory affairs
" MCT team is very reliable. They hand over our project and very quickly solve regulatory difficulties. I see from my experience that they know in details clinical research environment in Middle East. "
Head of Medical Affairs
International Pharmaceutical company
"Thank you for MCT involvement ! Very good job done for database lock. Timelines were very challenging and we appreciate commitment of the whole team"
Project Manager
"MCT is a well managed CRO company, with very good team. We have never experienced any problems on our cooperation. I strongly recommend to involve them in your project for MENA region"
Clinical Trial Manager
Global Pharmaceutical Company