Sites Selection & Feasibility

Country feasibility, site and investigator selections are crucial steps for any clinical trials, as it impacts the study for its whole duration

It is the foundation for your clinical trials, ensuring appropriate planning and preparation.

At MCT, we understood the importance of these early steps, and thanks to our team of local experts, we are capable of:

  • selecting the best sites and investigators, based not only on the recruitment potential, but also on the staff experience, staff availability, equipment
  • anticipating and solving local challenges. Based on our experience and knowledge of each study‚Äôs specificities, we can identifying the local challenges linked to your protocol, and propose solutions to overcome them (risk management plan analysis)
  • catching the patient flows. Each country in our region (MEA and Pakistan) has a different health care system organization, and understanding it allows to put in place the best organization to recruit the patients
  • identifying potential regulatory challenges. We carefully review each study protocol in order to identify the potential regulatory country-specific challenges that may arise, and we prepare a response

At MCT, we believe anticipation and planning are the cornerstone on which future success is built